Chattanooga Python User Group

June Meetup

When: June 18, 2018 - 6pm - 8pm
Where: Floor 5 at The Edney Innovation Center
1100 Market Street, Suite 500, Chattanooga, TN

Batteries Included: The Python Standard Library w/Caleb Salt

The wikipedia page for “Batteries Included” says:

Batteries Included may refer to:

  • Batteries Included (company), a computer hardware and software company
  • “Batteries Included” (song), a 1996 single by Servotron
  • Motto of the Python programming language, meaning it comes with a large library of useful modules.
  • Batteries Included (slang), in a product usability (mostly in software) it states that the product comes together with all possible parts required for full usability.

I really love working with Python, in part due to its extensive standard library. We’ll go over some of the cool things in there looking at code and examples of their use.

Reminder: If you want to give a talk at an upcoming meetup please reach out.