Chattanooga Python User Group

June Meetup

When: June 17, 2019 - 6pm - 8pm
Where: Floor 5 at The Edney Innovation Center
1100 Market Street, Suite 500, Chattanooga, TN

Beginning to "Think Like Computer Scientists" class w/Dan Mailman


This session is a good starter for Python or programming in general if you want to move on to other languages. In beginning to “think like computer scientists”, we’ll cover:

  • Development Environments
  • Modules
  • Files
  • Variables
  • Control Flow
  • Exception Management
  • Input
  • Output
  • Return Values
  • Parameters
  • Arguments
  • Functions
  • Calls

If any of these are mysterious or if you’d like to learn the Python versions, this is your course. The class will develop and debug several programs that can be built on for more complex tasks. If there is interest, we’ll discuss logistics for learning Computer Vision using Raspberry Pi in the near future.

Come with Python 3 from PYTHON.ORG already installed!*

Email if you need assistance installing Python


Where I’ve Been

  • 25+ years running two high-tech companies leading to retirement in 2000.
  • 15+ years teaching/consulting on interesting high-tech projects for fun and profit.
  • 1½ years Computer Science PhD Student/Researcher/Adjunct at UTC

Where I’m At

  • PhD Student in UTC’s Computer Science Department
  • Research Assistant at UTC’s High Performance Computing SimCenter
  • Adjunct Faculty in UTC’s Computer Science Department.

Research interests

  • Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning & Other Innovative uses of the Perceptron Metaphor
  • Increasing Performance with Concurrent/Distributed/Parallel/High-Performance Technologies/Techniques
  • Performance Portability (e.g. kokkos) to increase development time effectiveness

Current Projects

  • Performance Portability for Statistical Machine Translation
  • Air Piano & Stage Genie: An Innovative and Engaging Introduction to Advanced Computer Science
  • Neuro-Plausible Machine Translation ( Proposed Dissertation)

Slack contacts @juzten @salt

Reminder: If you want to give a talk at an upcoming meetup please reach out.